Other Competitors uses EOA wallet for Burn.

Also others use EOA wallet or owner contract for LP token receiver. No one knows they have key to control that wallet or not. They can sell big amount of tokens or pull big amount of liquidity ANYTIME.

We have been consistently pointed out that this is a big security issue. And recently, CertiK delisted Safuu because of this issue.

Our burn address is a verifiable contract which has no owner.

Also our LP token is automatically goes to pair address in every auto-liquidity event.

This proves the transparency of UniqueSmart Protocol to it’s investors. UniqueSmart is a smart DeFi auto rebased compounding protocol ever created with 💯 transparency.

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Quiz Contest 🔰

UniqueSmart Will be Hosting a Quiz Contest scheduled to come up on the 4th of May 2022 2:30pm UTC.

📕 The Quiz will be based on UniqueSmart Documents(white paper).

To win you have to study the UniqueSmart Document (White paper) thoroughly. All questions to be asked will be from the UniqueSmart Document thus you have to study it in other to pick the right answers.

Numbers of Questions❓

10 questions only

⏰ Time/Duration: 2mins, Nevertheless Immediately 1000 responses are received the form will be close Automatically closed.

Price Pool: 100 $SMART Token

🏆 🥇 Winners

First 100 persons to answer all questions correctly(10/10) will be the Winners.

Two Questions Tips:

Q1. Your Name

Q2. Your Avax C wallet address(ETHEREUM Compatible wallet)

Website|Document|DaPP|Private sale|Twitter|Medium|Discord



UniqueSmart Private sale $SMART

Starting: 3rd May 2022 10am UTC

Allocation: 10,000 SMART

Price: 0.16 Avax ($10)

Min buy: 2 Avax

Max buy: 200 Avax (per wallet address)

Participants Reward

Wallet addresses with Purchases From 7 Avax — 20 Avax will be Whitelisted to having 2 UniqueSmart premium Craft NFTS

Wallet addresses with purchases from 21 Avax to 50 Avax will be Whitelisted to receive 4 Pro UniqueSmart Craft NFTS

Wallet addresses with Purchases from 51 Avax to 200 will be Whitelisted to receiving the Legend UniqueSmart Craft NFTS

Vesting term: Daily claim of 5% after token listing

Private Sale Venue

Be prepared to don’t miss out!!




We’re pleased to announce our AMA with @Elf_Matrix on 18th March 2022,11:00am UTC

🎪 Venue: t.me/uniquesmartswa…

🎁 Reward:1000 $EMT

The AMA will consist of 3 segments

More details:




UniqueSmartSwap Meme and Sticker contest


Contest Price Pool💰💰

💸$1000 to be won in USMART Token!!

✅10 winners in total

5 winners from Meme contest and

5 winners from Sticker pack.

. ▫️For meme contest on Twitter:

How to submit your meme

Like and retweet the Meme contest post on Uniquesmartswap Twitter page, comment your Meme by Tagging

UniqueSmartSwap Twitter page

@UniquesmartDex #UniqueSmartSwapFinanace #polygon

#Bsc #Defi

▫️Top 5 most liked memes will be the winners of the contest pool.

▫️sticker pack contest will take place on UniqueSmartSwap Telegram group

✅How to submit

. Create your stickers and upload them as sticker pack using a telegram bot for that, post your stickers on Uniquesmartswap telegram group.

Top five best sticker pack picked by UniqueSmartSwap Team will be the winners of the stick pack event/contest.

‼️Contest ends March 10th 2022

Goodluck all let’s make UniqueSmartSwap community a great one💪❤️



UniqueSmartSwap x Elf Matrix

Partnership collaboration 🤝

We’re glad to have a great and long lasting partnership with Elf Matrix

About Elf Matrix

Elf Matrix is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game which is being built on BSC&Polygon for nearly instant transactions with almost no fees. It will be playable in App form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually on IOS.All in-game items and creatures will be blockchain based tokens and NFTs.

Social Media Links


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elf_Matrix

Discord: https://discord.gg/JENDMtdQK4

Telegram Group:https://t.me/ElfMatrix

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ElfMatrixOfficial

Instagram: https://instagram.com/elf_matrix

Medium: https://medium.com/@ElfMatrix

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/ElfMatrix





UniqueSmart is an Avalanche based Decentralized Exchange that is dedicated to providing users a CEX-Level Trading Experience.