UniqueSmart Development update

As Known UniqueSmart was once called UniqueSmartSwap due to change in Project features the “Swap” was removed from UniqueSmartSwap making it UniqueSmart.

According to current development UniqueSmart is now not just a project Name but will be a Company’s name which will power so many project underneath it, project like DeFi, DEX, NFTS, GameFi and others to come.

First project Which will be launching/powered by UniqueSmart Team is a DeFi project which is called UniqueSmartProtocol.

What does UniqueSmartProtocol do?

UniqueSmart provides a one of a kind decentralized-finance (DeFi) asset that uses its proprietary SMART protocol to reward users with a long-term fixed compound interest rate.

The UniqueSmart (SMART) Protocol is an innovative financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient while also providing UniqueSmart token holders with the most consistent returns in crypto.

For the first 12 months, SMART provides the UniqueSmart token with automatic staking reflection rewards and compounding features, as well as the market’s highest Fixed APY of 389,895.69 percent.

UniqueSmart is a DeFi ground breaking that provides UniqueSmart token holders with benefits and value. Our SMART, which is used within the UniqueSmart token, provides UniqueSmart holders with the following benefits:

  • Auto-compounding: has never been easier — You won’t have to re-stake your tokens. Interest is compounded and paid automatically in your wallet, ensuring that you never miss a payment.
  • Easy and Safe Earning: the UniqueSmart token is always kept in your wallet, it never needs to be handed over to a third party or centralized authority. All you have to do is buy and hold because you will automatically receive rewards in your own wallet, eliminating the need for any complicated staking procedures.
  • Low Risk with the UniqueSmart Insurance Fund (UIF) — The UniqueSmart Insurance Fund (UIF) holds 4% of all trading fees, which helps to sustain and back the staking rewards by maintaining price stability and lowering downside risk.
  • Unparalleled Fixed APY: — UniqueSmart pays out 389,895.69 percent in the first year, which is higher than anything else in the DeFi space so far. Over a predetermined LIGHT-YEAR system, the interest rate drops after the first 12 months.
  • Lightning Interest Payments: Every 15 minutes, 96 times per day, the UniqueSmart Protocol pays reflections to all SMART Token holders, making it the fastest auto-compounding protocol in the world.
  • Auto Token Burn : One of the most intriguing aspects of the UniqueSmartProtocol is the “Black Hole” automatic token burn system, which keeps the circulating supply from becoming unmanageable. The Black Hole burns 2.5 percent of all traded UniqueSmart tokens.
  • Daily limits: UniqueSmart Smart Investor Protection System (UIPS) protects liquidity pools from bots and malicious whales, making it the safest reflection token to own.

This feature prevents someone from accumulating a large portion of the supply at launch or selling a large number of reflections all at once.

The SMART’s price and rebase rewards are supported by a complex set of factors. It includes the UniqueSmart Insurance Fund (UIF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the UniqueSmart Protocol’s price stability and long-term viability by paying all UniqueSmart token holders a consistent 389,895.69 percent rebase rate every 15 minutes.

All of these elements have been coordinated by the UniqueSmart development team so that they work together seamlessly behind the scenes. As a result, UniqueSmart holders will benefit from a simple and elegant reward system.

Token Details

Token Name: UniqueSmart

Symbol: SMART

Decimal: 18

Chain: Avax-C Main-Net

Contract Address: 0x239Dc5ccA136C05f4c1EE0DCe23954468eA65433


Max Supply — 3,000,000,000

Initial Supply — 300,000

Tokens Available for sale: 160,000

Token to be added to Liquidity pool: 80,000

Airdrop: 5,000

Bounty: 1,000

Development/Marketing: 24,000

SCO: 30,000

Project Doc and Website for more Information will be available shortly in Few Hours.

For Further Information/Request visit UniqueSmart on Twitter and telegram using the link below ⬇️






UniqueSmart is an Avalanche based Decentralized Exchange that is dedicated to providing users a CEX-Level Trading Experience.

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UniqueSmart is an Avalanche based Decentralized Exchange that is dedicated to providing users a CEX-Level Trading Experience.

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